Friday, August 16, 2013

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Above,  A Date in Cornell Basketball History.  An Associated Press article recapping Cornell's fall to Clemson in the First Round of the IPTAY Tournament in 1980.  Below, news and notes for Friday...

  • The former Cornell coaching staff now at Boston College (Steve Donahue, Nat Graham, Woody Kampmann and Izzi Metz) will face off against Errick Peck (Cornell '13) and his new school, Purdue, on ESPN2 on December 4 at 9 pm in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge.
  • ESPN is in the midst of its "Summer Shootaround" series and writes of Boston College:
Boston College
Best case: In a way, this is just the third year of fourth-year coach Steve Donahue's rebuild; his first season in 2010-11, which featured star guard Reggie Jackson and four seniors in the starting lineup, doesn't really count. That's the frame of reference we're operating within, but the outer projections should be bullish. Everyone from last season's young, promising group is back, and if the Eagles can merely play average defense, they could absolutely break through to the NCAA tournament.
Worst case: In three seasons, even when the offense has flowed -- as it did last season, or in 2011 especially -- the Eagles have yet to rank higher than No. 174 in Ken Pomeroy's adjusted defensive efficiency metric. Frankly, Donahue's teams at Cornell (which, OK, it's Cornell, but still) never really played great defense. Until that half of BC's game gets better, the potential for a triumphant post-rebuild breakthrough is minimal.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked Tomic's game. I've seen him play in the last two red-white scrimmages and, quite frankly, he uses his body to clear out defenders better than any other post player on the team. Looks like he's leaned up a bit, too. Would love to see him get some quality minutes this year.

Anonymous said...

We are playing national champs Louisville--Oh yeah!!!!

Bob S said...

I respect Bill Courtney but c'mon the team is overscheduled. I guess the visitor guarantees were too much for CU athletics to resist.

Anonymous said...

There is no point in this team playing Syracuse and Louisville in the same season, let alone a week apart. We might lose those games by a combined 90 points -- there's no real upside in playing those teams.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Guys...if we scheduled Rutgers, Penn State and Providence, you would all be complaining. So shut up.

(The only BCS teams not in the Top 25 you want to see against Cornell are Boston College and Purdue and those are not happening)

We have 3 big time games. Let's enjoy the ride.

Cornell will get (1) big pay days, (2) tv exposure (not only live tv but ESPN highlights), (3) the ultimate recruiting selling point (ALL prospects want to play the toughest teams possible for the experience), (4) a great challenge (regardless of what you think, even losing by 50 is great preparation for the Ivy slate, losing by 10 to a bad Penn State team is not a superior experience.).

In addition to the 3 ACC teams (Louisville isn't really ACC yet), we have nice tests against some solid postseason mid majors-- Loyola MD, St. Bona, Western Mich and Stony Brook. And while Siena is rebuilding, it is also a nice program on the schedule and a multi-year deal.

Bill and the staff did a wonderful job here. We have by far the most entertaining schedule in the Ivy for a team limited to 28 games.

Are we 30+ point underdogs against the BCS? Yes. Do we have anything really to lose? No. The team did not pack it in mentally after Wisconsin and Duke and they won't this year either.

Let's take the cash, tv and ultimate challenge and use these as building blocks.

I am on board and fully supported not playing Rutgers and taking Louisville.

Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah!"?? Did you see last year's games against Duke and Wisconsin?

Otherwise the schedule is not that bad actually. Lots of cupcakes, i.e. lots of games at our level.

Last year I was upset about all the cupcakes, but they turned out to be the only games we won other than Western Michigan. Good Patriot League and America East teams are out of our league now; we need the Bingos and SFPAs.

Anonymous said...

I suspect a poll of the players would overwhelmingly support games at Syracuse, at Louisville and at Notre Dame, regardless of the outcome or the cash guarantees that might motivate the scheduling of those games. Great environments where they are not expected to win with far less pressure than Ivy League games.

br2 said...

I think our Ivy lineup is real solid too. We start off with five home games out of the first 6 against winnable teams. No reason we can't start off the season 5-1 or 6-0. It's all about momentum with our guys. If we can get that 5-1 and 6-0, we have a chance of closing out the season with 10+ wins and possible championship.

Let's Go Red!

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell can be really bad this year. But Cornell can also surprise the hell out of everyone and finish in the top 2 of the league because of the tremendous upside in the roster.

The fact is, Cornell has several really unknown quantities, particularly in a huge Braxston Bunce (6'11" 250), an uber energetic/athletic David Onuorah (6'9" 230) and a very athletic little point guard in Darryl Smith.

Then there is Devin Cherry, who may be the most explosive (and inconsistent) guard in the league. I mean, Devin does things that make you simply say, "Wow."

We just don't know what we are going to get from those guys--- or even from bouncy and athletic Deion Giddens or the physical Dave Lamore.

I just don't know how anyone could accurately predict how these guys will perform with extended minutes.

The only KNOWN quantities on this team are Shonn Miller, Nolan Cressler and the Donahue recruited seniors.