Monday, August 26, 2013

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, news and notes for Monday...

  • We hear that Cornell's new assistant coach reports to campus Tuesday.  An announcement and introduction should be released this week.  We fully expect fans to be excited with the selection by Bill Courtney.
  • Cornell Athletics officially announced, "The annual Rebounder's Welcome Back Picnic for the men's and women's basketball teams will be held on Wednesday, August 28 at 6 p.m. at the Country Club of Ithaca. For the first time, the event is open to the public. Admission is $20 and can be paid at the door, or by contacting Ted Caldwell at"
  • NYC Buckets writes of Cornell's returning possession minutes, "The Big Red appear to be in a slightly better place because Shonn Miller and Nolan Cressler are all-league talents."
  • Notre Dame released its schedule, including its date with Cornell. 
  • The Watertown Daily Times writes, "Syracuse begins its season with a non-conference game against Cornell on Nov. 8 at the Carrier Dome."
  • Duke Basketball Report takes a few passive shots at Cornell and writes, "Mike Brey’s [Notre Dame's] non-conference schedule is wretched: Indianapolis, Tusculum, Miami (Ohio), Stetson, Indiana State, Santa Clara, Army, Cornell, Iowa (as mandated by the Challenge), Delaware, Bryant, North Dakota State and Canisius. They do play Indiana and Ohio State in December, voluntarily, but that’s about it for ruggedness... the [Syracuse] Orange have a few lame opponents – Cornell, Fordham and Colgate open things up – before heading out to Maui."
  • Similarly, the Olean Times Herald writes of St. Bonaventure, "There didn’t seem to be much reaction to Bona playing a schedule which includes two teams new to Division I and a home slate that consists of South Dakota, Abilene Christian, Canisius, UMass-Lowell, Delaware and Cornell, and understandably so."
  • Below is an updated list of players committed to Ivy League schools in the class of 2013 and 2014 (unless otherwise noted):
Steven Spieth (Jesuit HS) Dallas, TX, 6-6, F, Brown
Aram Martin (Miller School) Charlottesville, VA, 6-9, F, Brown
Lealand King (Brentwood School) Los Angeles, CA, 6-6, F, Brown
J.R. Hobbie (Manasquan HS) Manasquan, NJ, 6-4, G, Brown
Tavon Blackmon (Gonzaga) Washington, DC, 5-11, G, Brown
Matt Madigan (Mt. Tabor HS) Winston-Salem, NC, 6-4, G, Brown
Chris McComber (John McCrae School) Ottawa, ON, 6-7, F, Columbia
Kendall Jackson (Suffield Academy) Suffield, MA, 5-9, G, Columbia
Jeff Coby (Choate Rosemary Hall) Choate, CT, 6-6, F, Columbia
Luke Petrasek (Northport HS) Northport, NY, 6-10, C, Columbia
Ikemefuna Ngwudo (Milton Academy) Milton, MA, 6-5, F, Dartmouth 
Eli Harrison (Sisters HS) Sisters, OR, 6-6, F, Dartmouth
Cole Harrison  (Montrose Christian) Memphis, TN, 6-11, C, Dartmouth
Mike Flemming (N'field Mt Hermon, MA) Lincolnshire, IL, 6-1, G, Dartmouth
Wes Dickinson (Peddie School) Hightstown, NJ, 6-6, F, Dartmouth
Matt Fraschila (Highland Park HS) Highland Park, TX, 5-10 G, Harvard 
Hunter Meyers (Douglas HS) Minden, NV, 6-6, F, Harvard 
Zena Edosomwan (Northfield Mt Hermon, MA) Hollywood, CA, 6-9, F, Harvard 
Matt Howard (A.J. Flora HS), Columbia, S.C., 6-4, G, Penn 
Dylan Jones (Village HS) Houston, TX, 6-8, F, Penn 
Dave Winfield (Harvard Westlake HS) Hollywood, CA, 6-8, F, Penn 
Tony Bagtas (Westlake HS) Atlanta, GA, 5-11, G, Penn
Preston Troutt (Trinity Christian) Dallas, TX 6-0, G, Penn
Khyan Rayner (Jesuit HS) Portland, OR, 5-9, G, Princeton
Henry Caruso (Serra HS) San Mateo, CA, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Hashim Moore (Hun School, NJ) Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 6-5, F, Princeton 
Spencer Weisz (Seton Hall Prep) Florham Park, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Steven Cook (New Trier HS) Winnetka, IL, 6-5, G, Princeton
Pete Miller (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Northfield, MA, 6-10, C, Princeton 
Sam Downy (Lake Forest HS) Lake Forest, IL, 6-9, C, Yale
A.J. Edwards (South Kent School) Kent, CT, 6-5, F, Yale
Anthony Dallier (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Wexford, PA, 6-6, F, Yale 
JT Flowers (Lincoln HS) Portland, OR, 6-5, F, Yale

Tyler Williams (Lakota West HS) W.Chester, OH, 6-1, G, Brown (2014)  
Zach Yoshor (Beren Academy) Houston, TX, 6-7, F, Harvard (2014) 
Mike LeBlanc (New Hampton Prep) New Hampton, NH, 6-7, F, Princeton  (2014)
Aaron Young (Episcopal HS), Lynchburg, VA 6-1, G, Princeton (2014)
Amir Bell (East Brunswick HS) E.Brunswick, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton (2014) 
Landon Russell (Nolan Catholic HS) Ft Worth, TX, 6-2, G, Yale (2014)
Maki Mason (Hotchkiss School), Lakeville, CT, 5-11, G, Yale (2014)
Khalil Bedart-Ghani (Loyola HS) Los Angeles, CA, 6-3, G, Yale (2014)


Anonymous said...

CBB, any idea why there's been no announcement regarding the incoming class, or why the roster has yet to be updated? It makes no sense since everyone's on campus.

Anonymous said...

is the new assistant coach Graham Dow?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I think the class announcement comes out tomorrow or by end of the week.

It is not Dr. Graham Dow.

q'nis said...

The Spieth committed to Brown is PGA Golfer Jordan Spieth's younger brother. Fact of the day.