Thursday, August 22, 2013

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, news and notes for Thursday...

  • Steve Donahue was voted as the No. 16 "Xs and Os" coach in the country by his peers on
  • Louisville released its schedule along with its television appearances.
"So the head of my AAU program, Rob Icarc, called me one day and left a message on my phone saying that he wanted to talk to me about playing basketball at Cornell. I was thrilled, and immediately called him back to ask for details. He told me nothing was certain, but Cornell needed a point guard. He asked me if I was interested, and I said of course. That got the ball rolling, and from there, I contacted coaches at Cornell and sent them game tapes.  We talked on the phone and I visited the school. I had to send them my entire application, and I loved the school—but I only wanted to go there if I could play basketball. It was a whole long process, and one day they offered me a spot on the team...  About 25 Division 3 schools recruited me. I turned down a few, and reached out to a few, but they turned me down. It’s a really fickle game that takes a lot of patience and luck to figure out the right place to go."

  • Below is an updated list of players committed to Ivy League schools in the class of 2013 and 2014 (unless otherwise noted):
Steven Spieth.(Jesuit HS) Dallas, TX, 6-6, F, Brown
Aram Martin (Miller School) Charlottesville, VA, 6-9, F, Brown
Lealand King (Brentwood School) Los Angeles, CA, 6-6, F, Brown
J.R. Hobbie (Manasquan HS) Manasquan, NJ, 6-4, G, Brown
Tavon Blackmon (Gonzaga) Washington, DC, 5-11, G, Brown
Matt Madigan (Mt. Tabor HS) Winston-Salem, NC, 6-4, G, Brown
Chris McComber (John McCrae School) Ottawa, ON, 6-7, F, Columbia
Kendall Jackson (Suffield Academy) Suffield, MA, 5-9, G, Columbia
Jeff Coby (Choate Rosemary Hall) Choate, CT, 6-6, F, Columbia
Luke Petrasek (Northport HS) Northport, NY, 6-10, C, Columbia
Connor Voss (St. Cloud Cathederal HS) St. Cloud, MN, 6-11, C, Columbia
JoJo Fallas (Shalhevet HS) Los Angeles, CA, 5-11, G, Cornell
Darryl Smith (Blue Ridge School) Chesapeake, VA, 6-2, G, Cornell
Desmond Fleming (College Park Woodlands HS) Woodlands, TX, 6-0, G, Cornell
Robert Hatter (Westside HS) Houston, TX, 6-1, G, Cornell
Ikemefuna Ngwudo (Milton Academy) Milton, MA, 6-5, F, Dartmouth 
Eli Harrison (Sisters HS) Sisters, OR, 6-6, F, Dartmouth
Cole Harrison  (Montrose Christian) Memphis, TN, 6-11, C, Dartmouth
Mike Flemming (N'field Mt Hermon, MA) Lincolnshire, IL, 6-1, G, Dartmouth
Wes Dickinson (Peddie School) Hightstown, NJ, 6-6, F, Dartmouth
Matt Fraschila (Highland Park HS) Highland Park, TX, 5-10 G, Harvard 
Hunter Meyers (Douglas HS) Minden, NV, 6-6, F, Harvard 
Zena Edosomwan (Northfield Mt Hermon, MA) Hollywood, CA, 6-9, F, Harvard 
Matt Howard (A.J. Flora HS), Columbia, S.C., 6-4, G, Penn 
Dylan Jones (Village HS) Houston, TX, 6-8, F, Penn 
Dave Winfield (Harvard Westlake HS) Hollywood, CA, 6-8, F, Penn 
Tony Bagtas (Westlake HS) Atlanta, GA, 5-11, G, Penn
Preston Troutt (Trinity Christian) Dallas, TX 6-0, G, Penn
Khyan Rayner (Jesuit HS) Portland, OR, 5-9, G, Princeton
Henry Caruso (Serra HS) San Mateo, CA, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Hashim Moore (Hun School, NJ) Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 6-5, F, Princeton 
Spencer Weisz (Seton Hall Prep) Florham Park, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Steven Cook (New Trier HS) Winnetka, IL, 6-5, G, Princeton
Pete Miller (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Northfield, MA, 6-10, C, Princeton 
Sam Downy (Lake Forest HS) Lake Forest, IL, 6-9, C, Yale
A.J. Edwards (South Kent School) Kent, CT, 6-5, F, Yale
Anthony Dallier (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Wexford, PA, 6-6, F, Yale 
JT Flowers (Lincoln HS) Portland, OR, 6-5, F, Yale

Tyler Williams (Lakota West HS) W.Chester, OH, 6-1, G, Brown (2014)  
Zach Yoshor (Beren Academy) Houston, TX, 6-7, F, Harvard (2014)
Amir Bell (East Brunswick HS) E.Brunswick, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton (2014) 
Landon Russell (Nolan Catholic HS) Ft Worth, TX, 6-2, G, Yale (2014)
Maki Mason (Hotchkiss School), Lakeville, CT, 5-11, G, Yale (2014)
Khalil Bedart-Ghani (Loyola HS) Los Angeles, CA, 6-3, G, Yale (2014)


Anonymous said...

Step 1. Recruit D1 Level Kids
Step 2. Hype up potential D1 kids to fans
Step 3. Take D3 kid instead
Step 4. ...
Step 5. Profit?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not following your comment at all.

Anonymous said...

can we expect a coaching hire before school starts next week?

Anonymous said...

Why are we taking low level kids again? According to this blog as recently as March, the staff was only interested in big time talents, and not D-3 kids, and wanted to cut the roster size.

Well, that's obviously not right.

And we've also missed out this year on a bunch of mid-major level kids. This is not a good trend for the program. That could change with one significant recruit, but I'm skeptical that will happen.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

JoJo has the academic and financial aid profile to attend Cornell without basketball.

For all intensive purposes, he is an invited/preferential walk-on. Each year there are a few of these kids. Some make the team/program, others do not. Past examples include Nmadi Okoye, Jon Gray, Jamal Cherry... to name a few.

JoJo is fairly honest in the article that the Cornell staff did not initiate contact. His AAU coach served as a matchmaker.

JoJo had the numbers to make it work and it is a win-win situation for all parties.

JoJo gets Cornell and an opportunity to be on the team. Cornell gets another guard to compete.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Princeton lands Mike Leblanc. With Amir Bell, that's a terrific start of a class for 2014.

Mitch H. at Princeton and Mike Martin at Brown are doing some nice recruiting work.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Princeton beat out Binghmaton, Rice, Brown and Yale for LeBlanc.

And this worries you?

Anonymous said...

Who said it worried me? I said it's a nice start to a class for them. Do you disagree? If you do, then what do you think about Cornell's current class of zero?

We've had some misses on kids who would have been nice additions to the program. Let's hope we do land some high impact kids this fall.

Anonymous said...

Key word in your sentence is "beat". They didn't lose out to.

Anonymous said...

So... What happened to Nnambi Okoye and Jamal Cherry? They didn't do much did they?

You said, and I quote "Cornell gets another guard to compete". C'mon man. Let's be real now. If Fallas was recruited this late in the process, what makes you think he will do anything? I am all for giving kids a chance, but I have to agree with Anon 1058. That's what our process really is like.

1) Try Feebly to Recruit d-1 Kids
2) Blog Makes D-1 Recruit seem like a sure thing.
3) Door 1: Attempt to Recruit d-1 Kid Successful (Go to 4)
Door 2: Attempt Unsuccessful (Go to 5)
4) D-1 Kid is Hyped Up to Fans (Go to 6)
5) D-3 Kid warms bench for four years. So much for that.
6) D-1 Kid Tears ACL. Out for the Year.

I think it's great that we can land kids like Bunce but our Sweet 16 magic is wearing off. It's now or never. Meaning we need to ink some big time recruits that don't have fluky knees so we can win some games.

Oren Glickman said...

Whats the low down on this Zach Yoshor to Harvard?
And when is the Cornell site going to officially announce the Fallas move?

Mountainred said...

Not sure I get the drama over this kid. We take a walk-on who got into Cornell unrelated to hoops and get a guy who take some practice rotations at a thin position. Maybe we get lucky, like with Jon, but it's not like we are losing a scholarship. It's nice to have a few extra bodies to help with captain's practices and exam time.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

JoJo is sort of a poor man's Sean McGonagil.

He's pretty decent on the ball and has a nice shot. His game does not translate well to a BCS game, but he is good enough to possibly make an impact in the Ivy League as an upperclassman.

Again, Cornell has taken numerous walk-ons over the years under Donahue and Courtney.

Steve Donahue took Brandon Barton, Kevin App, Jon Gray, Jamal Cherry, Nmadi Okoye. Bill took Tim Higgins (yes, Tim was a recruited walk-on) and JoJo.

As we got to see with Jon Gray, he became All Ivy.

There is no downside to having an extra guard on your team as a recruited walk-on.

There is a downside when you have too many high profile kids with big egos.

We had problems when we had Collin Robinson buried on the bench. We had minor problems when we had Alex Hill buried on the bench (both multi scholarship guys).

Harvard may run the table 14-0 this year. But watch. Kids will leave the program in March.

Anonymous said...

And we had kids leave the program this year. It happens.

If Harvard goes 14-0 and a few kids leave the program, I think they'll be quite happy with the tradeoff.

Anonymous said...

A total guess on the new coach -- Ryan Wittman.

Anonymous said...

Anything that gets Ryan out of his cubicle in Minneapolis.

When I see Jeremy Lin on television and think of Wittman crunching Excel spreadsheets late into the night, it makes me shed a tear.

Craig Robinson out of Princeton was making millions (by his account, exaggerated or not) trading bonds in Chicago before Bill Carmody talked him back into basketball. We need to rescue Wittman from his cubicle -- he's not even making millions.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Wittman is an assistant coach at Boston College starting in September.