Tuesday, August 27, 2013

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Above, Chuck Rolles ('54).  Below, news and notes for Tuesday...

  • Per InsideTheHall.com, Cornell's 2013-2014 opponent, Louisville is ranked in the Top 10 of the nation in both the Sporting News and Lindy's preseason college basketball annuals.  Syracuse, another Cornell opponent, also appears in the Sporting News' Top 10.


Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how on twitter you're going on about the Ivy has a whole bunch of freshmen who can be instantly effective bigs but you've been making excuses about Bill Courtney simply couldn't find an effective big in forever while everyone else was just minting 'em from frosh. Apparently Jesse Agel, that wondrous coach, was a better recruiter than poor Bill in several positions from guard to center.

And how disappointing is it to see that NYCBuckets analysis that we are losing the most minutes? I instantly saw another new excuse for poor Bill... he lost the most minutes how can you expect him to perform? Three years after losing the most minutes from seniors graduating, we are again in a crater when nothing has even been accomplished in the meantime! Not to mention the absurdity that he lost the most minutes because he played so much of Coach Donahue's supposedly inferior leftovers whom he supposedly simply could not effectively use because they were preselected and who were supposed to be the reason we were losing... but they played most of our minutes and so now most of his own recruits are inexperienced, and I see nothing but a mechanism by which his abysmal performance as a coach can go on for a few more years while Mike Martin wins games with them players that that great coach Jesse Agel preselected for him.

Courtney needs finish in the top half with at least 8 wins in games that aren't the most embarrassing things we've ever laid eyes on as they were last year or be fired. You are in year 4 and look at your situation, prolly gonna be projected 7th, fully expected to be a cupcake.

BigRed1965 said...

Much too negative, indeed nasty, about Coach. Donahue took a few years too before he turned things around. I will bet the recruits are good, and the tough non-league opponents on the schedule will strengthen the team for the Ivy competition.

Anonymous said...

It's the start of a new season and such times are tinged with hope. But I made the mistake last year -- paying for a Redcast subscription, believing that with both Peck and Miller so many things were possible ... remember the optimism? I believe we were even predicted 3rd in the preseason poll -- but by the St. Peter's game, realizing that we were even worse than the prior two years, now officially a cupcake, and that hope was unfounded without actual evidence of good ability, which Courtney had never shown. He had shown ugly games but I prayed that it would magically just turn around. I hope he has a coming to God moment like Donahue had when he was refused the Penn job, because hope and optimism aren't enough; someone has to recognize that he has been doing a truly awful job so far.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Everyone unfairly rips Bill when he went 6 games last year without Jon Gray, 4 games without BOTH Devin and Shonn and 2 games without Galal.

If we had those guys, this might have been an 8-6/9-5 Ivy team or at least 7-7.

Would you have been thrilled with the season? No, of course not. But you also wouldn't be bashing the program as if the ship is sinking.

Bill deserves a pass from you because (1) he has dealt with major injuries all three seasons, including Peck in 2012 and (2) he is still wrestling with the lack of talent left behind from Donahue.

He will be fairly judged when the players are all his kids AND he has a healthy roster.