Monday, September 16, 2013

News and Notes: Monday Edition

During the 1941-1942 season, World War II raged between the U.S. and Japan.  Back at home, Cornell Basketball was led by Blair Gullion.  It would be his fourth and final season as Cornell's head coach, coming off a 17-6 record in 1940-1941 with the Big Red.  During his last year at Cornell, Gullion would also publish the Third Edition of his book, Basketball Offensive Fundamentals Analyzed.  Below, news and notes...
  • Cornell's "Junior Day"-- a recruiting event for high schoolers in the class of 2015-- will take place on October 19 in conjunction with Cornell's Red-White Game.  


Below, links to the recaps from Cornell's annual Red-White Games from 2001 through 2012. The history of The Red-White Game dates back to at least 1935.

2012 (Game high scorer, Jonathan Gray 24 points)
2011 (Game high scorer, Drew Ferry 19 points)
2010 (Game high scorer, Max Groebe (unofficially 20 points))
2009 (Game high scorer, Jeff Foote 16 points)
2008 (Game high scorers, Ryan Wittman 30 points, Max Groebe 21 points)
2007 (Game high scorer, Ryan Wittman 21 points)
2006 (Game high scorers, Louis Dale, Collin Robinson, Brian Kreefer each with 14 points)
2005 (Game high scorer, Lenny Collins 19 points)
2004 (Game high scorer, Ryan Rourke 16 points)
2003 (Game high scorers, Cody Toppert 42 points, Ka'ron Barnes 31 points
2002 (Game high scorer, Eric Taylor 12 points)
2001 (Game high scorer, Chris Vandenberg 14 points)


Anonymous said...

are we losing even more players? Is that the "breaking roster news" we are supposed to stay tuned in for?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...


Anonymous said...

CBB, on July 19, Harvard announced a three-man incoming Class of 2017. Is that their entire recruiting class or have they already lost some players from the freshman roster? The kid from Dallas looks like he could be an AI booster not long for the program.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

AI Boosters are NOT walk ons at Harvard.

The three-man class is Hunter, Zena and Matt Fraschila (son of the coach/ESPN personality and an academic booster).