Thursday, September 5, 2013

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Above, a Date in Cornell Basketball History, an official cumulative stat sheet from Cornell's 19 win 5 loss season during 1966-1967.  Below, news and notes for Thursday...

  •  Daily Dose of Hoops is picking Cornell to finish 7th in the Ivy and writes:

    7) Cornell - Bill Courtney and the Big Red face an uphill climb in a muddled middle of the Ivy standings, but fortunately for Cornell, junior forward Shonn Miller; the team's leading scorer a year ago, is back for his third season in Ithaca. Sophomore guard Nolan Cressler will be the biggest focal point for Courtney this season as he looks to follow a rookie year that saw him shoot 40 percent from three-point range, as well as a young bench whose roles will need to be defined quickly as the season goes on.
  • Cornell Athletics announced:

 * Click here to sign up for Cornell Basketball's Alumni and Friends Weekend

ITHACA, N.Y. – The Cornell men's basketball program will host Alumni and Friends Weekend from Dec. 6-8 in Ithaca. Included will be a Friday evening reception, Saturday's game against Saint Francis (Pa.) and a postgame reception, then Sunday's annual alumni game. Cornell will honor the 1953-54 and 2008-09 Big Red championship teams that weekend.

For more information, please contact contact Steve Caraher at 607-255-6410 or
  • Below is an updated list of players committed to Ivy League schools in the class of 2014:
Jason Massey (American Heritage HS) Plantation, FL, 6-4, G, Brown
Tyler Williams (Lakota West HS) W.Chester, OH, 6-1, G, Brown
Jordan Abdur-Ra'oof (Gonzaga HS) Washington, D.C., 6-7, F, Cornell
Pat Smith (Archbishop Wood HS) Warminster, PA, 6-5, F, Cornell
Zach Yoshor (Beren Academy) Houston, TX, 6-7, F, Harvard
Mike Auger (New Hampton Prep) New Hampton, NH 6-6, F, Penn
Mike LeBlanc (New Hampton Prep) New Hampton, NH, 6-7, F, Princeton
Aaron Young (Episcopal HS), Lynchburg, VA 6-1, G, Princeton
Amir Bell (East Brunswick HS) E.Brunswick, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton
Eric Anderson (Haverford School) Haverford, PA, 6-6, F, Yale
Landon Russell (Nolan Catholic HS) Ft Worth, TX, 6-2, G, Yale
Maki Mason (Hotchkiss School), Lakeville, CT, 5-11, G, Yale
Khalil Bedart-Ghani (Loyola HS) Los Angeles, CA, 6-3, G, Yale


Anonymous said...

Looks like the flat top is making a comeback! Hello 1982!!!

bigredstradameous said...

"Men's Basketball To Hold Alumni and Friends Weekend From December 6-8"

Crap, an oh so ominous 6-8

Anonymous said...

CBB can you verify Holt Harmon's status? Have heard interesting things, including information that Shonn will be out for the better part of next season.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Holt's status is up in the air. I believe Shonn's is as well.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what?!

Isn't that what journalists call "burying the lede"?

The status of Holt and/or Shonn is/are "up in the air"?

What the hell?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

That is the reality. There is nothing to report because even the program does not have the final answers.

At this point, Cornell does not know with 100 percent certainty the status of those guys (plus one other you did not mention).

Anonymous said...

that's it. Blow up this f-ing team and the season. It's all over. Start from scratch. F&CK.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Don't know about you all... but if Shonn were to red-shirt, could be a beautiful thing down the road.

I want to win this year, but everyone knows the real tests begin in 2014-2015.

Anonymous said...

CBB, we've all grown accustomed to your viewing the Ivy basketball world through Big Red-colored glasses, to the point where some of your perpetual optimism, boosterism and homerism is laugh-out-loud funny.

But I think you've now reached a new high -- or is it a new low? -- by suggesting that having our best player lose his academic eligibility "could be a beautiful thing."

You do realize that, if Shonn withdraws from Cornell to maintain his athletic eligibility, you're going to have to stop criticizing Harvard for doing the same with Brandyn Curry and Kyle Casey, right? Or are you drawing a distinction between Curry and Casey having been caught cheating but Shonn merely flunked out?

Anonymous said...

Losing Peck and Gray to graduation was one thing. Losing Shonn? Wow. We could easily finish dead last this year, and do it in pretty ugly fashion.

That said, let's be real: it's Harvard's year this year. We're not going to contend for the title even with him. But Harvard loses Casey, Rivard, and Curry to graduation, and who knows how things will develop down the road.

So, uh, with a painful year to look forward to, let's turn to recruiting. Any updates?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Losing Shonn would be devastating to 2013-2014. He is Cornell's superstar. But the season would have to go on and Cornell will have to try win with what is available.

As for holding him out a full year, yes, this would be the same strategy that Harvard employed. And if they are going to do it, then Cornell should do it as well.

Anonymous said...

Darn-it. What Casey and Curry did was deplorable. I would hate to see us do the same thing. If Shonn is failing out, that's a bit different and not *as* deplorable. Academic should be a high priority for him, otherwise he's wasting his Cornell education opportunity. Cornell is hard, it's not easy. Playing basketball at Shonn's level is hard, definitely not easy. He'll figure this out. However, withdrawing to preserve a year of basketball eligibility is drawing a fine line between us and Harvard and "in the spirit of the league".

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Just to be clear here: I have said nothing about Shonn missing time because of his academic standing.

I only said his his situation is up in the air and that it could be a blessing in disguise for him and for Cornell if he is an academic junior in 2014-2015.

Anonymous said...

So we've somehow convinced ourselves that it takes 5 whole seasons to even get going have we? The Kool-Aid has just really, really sunk in there.

Anonymous said...

CBB, I'm deeply disappointed, though not particularly surprised, that you are already backtracking on your criticism of players taking off an academic year to preserve athletic eligibility for reasons other than injury or family emergency.

Your inability to be anything but an apologist for all things Cornell has been demonstrated time and time again over the years.

But the fact remains that, although you simply like to criticize Harvard, you were right about Casey and Curry. You were right and anything that happens with Shonn Miller doesn't change that.

So I'll say this: Casey and Curry were caught cheating and got a free pass athletically by taking off 2012-13. If Shonn Miller turns out to have been caught cheating and maintains his athletic eligibility by taking off 2013-14, he is no better (or worse) than Casey and Curry.

Through all your crazed Cornell-centric bluster, you do from time to time make a good point on principle. Try not to back track from appropriate criticism of Harvard simply because Cornell has (potentially) committed the same crime.

You owe it to guys like Errick Peck, who play by the rules -- who do things the right way -- not to become a flaming hypocrite on this issue. Thank you in advance for trying to stay true to principle, not simply serving as a Cornell apologist on all topics.