Friday, October 4, 2013

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Below, News and Notes for Friday...

The Sleeper
5. Cornell
Cornell has one of the conference’s best forwards in Shonn Miller and best shooters in Nolan Cressler, but after that the Big Red does not have much this season.
Miller made the Ivy League’s first team last season after averaging 11.5 points, 6.8 rebounds, 1.9 blocks, and 1.9 steals per game. Over the course of the year, he posted four double-doubles.
Cressler made three-pointers at a 40.3% clip last season and averaged 9.3 points. Against Western Michigan last November, Cressler drained six treys.
These two have the talent to keep Cornell competitive on any given night this season, but they may not have a good enough supporting cast to make a significant push in the standings.

  • A new feature, "Basketball Passport"- is expected to be launched later this month by Peter Robert Casey that lets you track every college basketball game you've been to, including all Cornell games.  Keep on the lookout for this exciting new application!
  • Duke Basketball Report previews Boston College and writes, "Entering his 4th season at Boston College, Coach Don[a]hue has had no top 100 national recruits. In his final season at Cornell with even less talent, Coach Don[a]hue led the Big Red to the Sweet 16 with crushing wins over Temple and Wisconsin before falling to Kentucky. Like that Cornell team that had a large and experienced senior class in 2010, Boston College has a 7 player junior class this season that has gained valuable experience under fire. As freshmen, the BC juniors suffered through losing records of (9-22) overall and (4-12) in conference play. Last season, those won-lost records improved to (16-17) and (7-11)." Donahue's Cornell connection is also mentioned today in Daily Dose of Hoops.
  • Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) is quoted in an article about former pro teammate and Penn alum, Ibby Jaaber.


Anonymous said...

So last year we were allegedly finalists for Julian Jacobs and Kevin Johnson. We didn't land them, but at least we were reportedly finalists for them.

This year, things have been pretty quiet this year on landing impact talent, aside from the one alleged BCS kid who is waiting until past the fall signing period to see what his options are. It's been a disappointing recruiting year for us. Why is it that there's more internet activity for next year than this year? Seems a bit odd.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not sure what you mean by "more internet activity for next year."

Would agree that this year has been disappointing for Cornell, but this 2014 class is not bad. I think we found an All Ivy kid in Jordan Abdur-Ra'oof.

Anonymous said...

Agree -- the concern is that we're recruiting at a middle of the pack level in the Ivy League. That doesn't mean bad; it's just disappointing because recruiting is supposed to be Bill's strong suit.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I wouldn't say Cornell is recruiting at the middle of the pack.

There is Harvard... then there is everyone else.

The following teams received commitments from players who had BCS offers on the table at the moment they committed:

Princeton just got their first BCS guy (Brennan).

Brown has one (Aram Martin).

Penn has two (DNH and Matt Howard).

Cornell has two (Bunce, Onuorah).

Yale has none.

Columbia has none.

Dartmouth has none.

I wouldn't say Cornell is in the middle of the pack. An argument could be made that Cornell is recruiting the 2nd best behind Harvard.

Obviously, we need to see Onuorah and Bunce-- the program's 2 gem recruits.

But Cressler and Miller are pretty good for non-BCS gets.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why you are so insistent in your tweets that the Ivy League did *NOT* begin formal play in 1956 as the conference itself maintains. Oh, I follow your logic: the same schools, whether eight or seven or six or five at any given time, had been playing as the EIBL for five decades already.

I know that you frame all of your arguments with the objective of making Cornell look better.

Which makes Cornell look better? Winning four championships in an eight-team conference over 58 years for a percentage of 6.9%, which is the formal Ivy record, *OR* winning eight titles in a conference with eight or fewer members over 112 years for a percentage of 7.1%, which is the record including the EIBL.

Because the EIBL had fewer than eight members for many years, I'd say that including the EIBL results makes Cornell look worse, not better.

Anonymous said...

Columbia misses on DJ Wilson, as he commits to Michigan. Still, it's impressive that Columbia is getting into the mix with top flight BCS kids.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I am not trying to make Cornell look better. The EIBL was known as "The Ivy League" since the late 1920s. Saying the League was "founded" in 1954 is extremely misleading. It was a re-founding/restructuring, if anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I think we should discuss swapping bill for Steve back with BC. bill would prob do better at a bad school and it's obviously not working out for Steve either