Thursday, October 3, 2013

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, news and notes for Thursday...
  • Big Apple Buckets lists a Cornell game among the league's notable nonconference games. The site writes:
Cornell at Stony Brook, Dec. 22, 2013 – This should be a good early test around the holidays for the Big Red. They’ll be taking on SBU on Dec. 22 and then about a week later (Dec. 28) they’ll take on Saint Peter’s. It’s a long round-trip, but a few good road tests for Cornell.


Anonymous said...

Nice get for Tubby Smith. He's slowly building a nice program down in Texas. Sad to see that we weren't a serious contender to land Justin.

Official practices start soon. Assuming that Shonn is out this year, I gotta think we're the favorite to finish eighth.

One thing I don't get: how will Cornell be loaded in 2014? We'll be better than this year, for sure, because we'll get back Shonn, and a couple freshman get a year under their belts. But that's a far cry from "loaded" unless you have Top 100 kids coming in to fill in the many gaps we have on our roster. Harvard and Penn will still be better.

Anonymous said...

Reading your tweets, I'm still not sure why 5th year seniors are so critically important to Harvard, but our loss of Peck is no big deal.

Beyond the physical and experience issues, it would seem that the presence of a returning all-Ivy 5th year player would be even more important to Cornell, which has no other obvious upperclass leadership.

To use your words, why is it HUGE to Harvard, and no big deal to us?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Peck is now a big loss due to our health issues.

Before the health issues, he was not a HUGE loss. (The statement was made many months ago)

Peck was not a full time starter and it was likely he would sit behind Nolan and Shonn at the forward spots. He was not playing ahead of Shonn or Nolan (Nolan is more of a 3 than a 2).

As for the other point--- Harvard is returning two All Ivy 5th years. Plus a third 5th year sniper in Giger (who would play for most Ivy teams) and Matt Brown (a 4th year junior-- who has senior age). Not sure how you can compare this to anything else in the Ivy's history.

As for Cornell 2014-2015-- Cornell will return its entire starting line-up from 2013-2014. You are looking at a team that will likely have three All Ivy guys back in Cressler, Cherry and Miller--- and then a now seasoned an experienced sophomore class of Bunce, Onuorah, Darryl Smith and R.Hatter and an even more experienced senior class with Giddens and Lamore.

Unlike this year, the 2014-2015 will have a core of All Ivy talent and experience. There will also be depth.

Your only losses with be Matthews, Scelfo and Tarwarer. No disrespect, but those can be overcome.

Cornell will add into the fold an immediate impact frosh in Jordan Abdur-Ra'oof who is a better version of Steve Moundou-Missi.

Harvard will continue to be good-- but they are going to lose Rivard, Casey and Curry. These losses bring them closer to earth.

Anonymous said...

if miller is done, then it's 7th place at best. Hello league doormat.

I also predict Bunce will play approximately 0 games again this season.

Lamore, Onuorah, and Giddens are gonna have to grow up fast.

Anonymous said...

If Miller does not play this year, my prediction is that we will not place any players on the all-ivy teams.

Cherry is good in spurts, but I haven't seen anything that will make me think he will be consistent enough to have a breakout year.

And our lack of other offensive firepower will allow defenses to focus on Cressler. I think Cressler has a chance to be terrific, but he will see very few open shots this year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

CBB picks Cornell for 7th ahead of a Columbia.

Cressler was outstanding last season down the stretch AFTER Gray, Cancer, Cherry and Miller sat out. So the theory that Cressler will be too exposed to defenses doesn't hold water. It was a Cressler-Peck show down the stretch last year.

As for Cherry, I am expecting (not hoping, but actually expecting) a big, big year. He has all the talent. He only needs the minutes. And now he will get the minutes because there is no other choice.

This will be a tough season, but will be a blessing in disguise as some young players get experience and become readied for a title run the following year.

Reminds me a lot of '06-'07 when Gore went down with injury and the team was left with freshmen (Dale and Wittman) and Naeve to hold down the fort.

Maybe we should see what happens with Onuorah, Bunce, Smith, Hatter & Co. before we all completely write-off the season and next season.

bigreddiehard66 said...

We're not writing off next season because according to you, some miracle will happen that will allow us to move up seven spots in one season. I hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

You mean the last 4 games where Peck averaged 18?

Who else on this team even averages double figures to take the focus off Cressler.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

A team can go from last to first if it gains a very special "do everything player."

Guys like Zack Rosen, Ian Hummer and Shonn Miller fall into this category.

As for Cherry--- he was very good in the first half dozen games last season. Small sample, needs to do it all year, but nevertheless, there is evidence he can play at a high level.

Anonymous said...

Well, our positions are clear.

You predict that both Cressler and Cherry end up on an all-ivy team this year, and I say neither will.

(Making the seemingly obvious assumption that Miller will not play this year.)

Boy I hope you are right, but I really doubt it.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Shonn is out this year?! Others injured?

bigreddiehard66 said...


So in theory, if Shonn plays this year, we should finish second.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

CBB did not make any predictions about All Ivy.

Several months ago, CBB suggested Cornell could compete for a title. This suggestion pre-dated the departure of Holt Harmon and Jamal Cherry as well as some preseason injury issues (which have not gone public (yet)).

Subsequently, CBB picked Cornell for 7th and has said that Nolan and Devin have All Ivy ability.

CBB would pick Cornell 3rd or 4th if the roster was healthy and fully in-tact.

bigreddiehard66 said...

LOL man-- Devin is not all ivy. Much as you would like that to be true.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Was Wes Saunders All Ivy as frosh? Was Siyani Chambers picked to be All Ivy... by anyone?

Was John Gray All Ivy as a sophomore?

Could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

This afternoon you said this:

"You are looking at a team that will likely have three All Ivy guys back in Cressler, Cherry and Miller..."

But this evening you are saying that you are not predicting Cressler and Cherry will be all ivy?

I don't think either will make it, but am curious as to where you stand.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I am saying I think Cressler, Cherry and Miller are All Ivy guys in 2014-2015.

Anonymous said...

We will never know what these players are capable of because the coach is a poor developer of talent. I feel bad for these kids. I think we did have more appeal to recruits after '10, but the way few players have worked out make me believe in poor coaching rather than intense rotten luck on the recruiting front. We do not know who good these kids could have been under a good coach. Instead, here we are, with a coach who inherited a recognizable name in recruits' living rooms, 4 years later praying we avoid last place, and drinking Kool Aid to make ourselves believe that this is the best any other coach could have expected and that it's not Courtney's fault.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Under your logic even with 5 Michael Jordans on the floor, Cornell would stink because it is all Bill's fault.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he would need 5 Michael Jordans to win actually does indicate he's a poor coach who can't develop players and needs players that are so good they don't need to be coached. Good coaches can develop players. Winning shouldn't be "get players who are so good that they'll win in spite of your lousy coaching".