Tuesday, October 15, 2013

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, news and notes for Tuesday...

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  • Two big upcoming dates for Cornell Basketball are October 19 (The Red-White Game) and October 23 (the Ivy League Media Day). 


Anonymous said...

Has Shonn Miller even practiced with the team? What is th estory there? Why so secretive?

Anonymous said...

Is Shonn Miller even practicing with the team? What is th estory there? Why so secretive?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

All I can say is the facts will come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to stop this guy?


Or this guy?


Now that's what you call a dominating frontline.

I think it's safe to say we need to take a massive step forward in recruiting if we're going to have a chance to compete.

Anonymous said...

You point out that Amaker won only 9 league games over his first two seasons.

Hmmm. . . are you saying that he's not winning through innovative schemes and brilliant in-game coaching? That his success is not due to X's and O's? That he's not a savvy basketball tactician?

Are you saying that something else accounts for Harvard's success?

Anonymous said...

Harvard has kids with high major offers visiting this weekend. The names I've seen coming to Cornell for the Red and White game aren't as impressive. That doesn't mean there aren't good players coming, of course.

Anonymous said...

We can talk about Harvard all we want. The reality is that we're going to be a sub-300 ranked team.

How do we turn this thing around, because this year we are literally going to hit rock bottom in college basketball? This is a stunning fall from being the 17th best team in the country to one of the absolute worst.

We can talk about having Shonn back next year, etc., etc., but we have no incoming recruits who will truly turn the program around. We have a nice mid major kid coming in, but that's not going to get us back to prominence.

As we all know, we're going to get absolutely destroyed and embarrassed by Syracuse and Louisville. There is no benefit to being SportsCenter's running joke of the week, and I strongly question the wisdom of playing both teams in a week this year.