Friday, October 18, 2013

Red-White Game

The Red-White roster for Saturday's 11:30 am tip off for the Red-White Game at Newman Arena.


Anonymous said...

No Cherry?

Anonymous said...

Where's Devin Cherry?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I tweeted this news. Devin has a minor injury. He will return to practice on Monday. He's resting the weekend. Rest of team is healthy. In fact, this is the healthiest team in Bill Courtney's tenure. With exception of course to Mr. Superstar, Shonn.

Anonymous said...

You tweeted that you thought Cressler would be leading scorer in Red-White Game.

Hardly a shocking prediction when you realize that other than Cressler, the leading returning scorers playing are Scelfo at 5.1 PPG, and Tarwater at a robust 1.6 PPG.

Hard to see where the points will come from this year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It will be "offense by committee"---

Could have different leading scorers each night.

Cornell only lost one true "scorer" last year and that was Gray.

Peck and Miller are not "scorers." They are utility guys.

Cressler and Cherry are real "offense" guys. Cherry just needs to find a way to finish his lay-ups. Could be a 20 ppg scorer. He's that good.

Anonymous said...

It's great to be enthusiastic about our players. But it seems your hope colors your opinion more than observed reality.

You are right in that neither Miller or Peck are 'scorers', since their other talents are stronger than their ability to put the ball in the basket.

But together, they averaged over 20 a game, or about as much as everyone else coming back, combined.

Before you say Cherry can be a 20 ppg guy, how about we see him score 20 points a single time. Just once.

You were right when you pointed out he had a very promising stretch at the beginning of last season, but other than that very good run, he has scored in double figures in exactly 3 games in 2 years.

Is it possible that he will turn it around, and figure out how to convert everything? Sure, but I sincerely doubt it. I think he is unlikely to average double figures this year, to say nothing of 20.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Couldn't you post the same comment about a certain Harvard freshman last year?