Saturday, November 9, 2013

News and Notes: Saturday Edition

Below, news and notes for Saturday...

After a shocking upset over New Mexico in last year's tournament, just about everyone handed the Ivy's auto bid to Harvard on a crimson platter. ESPN's John Gasaway even went so far as to make Harvard one of his preseason predictions to make the Final Four. Cornell might have other things to say. The Big Red ended up getting blown out by the Orange in the second half when Trevor Cooney caught fire, but they held a six-point halftime lead at Syracuse. You never want to make too much out of a single game—let alone a single half—but one could reasonably assume that is the largest halftime deficit Syracuse will face at home all season. Cornell also has road games against Louisville and Notre Dame within the next month, so we'll have a few more opportunities to evaluate the Big Red before they disappear into the virtually un-televised Ivy League regular season schedule.
  • Duke Basketball Report writes, "Now that Syracuse is an ACC team, it's perhaps timely to remember that the Orange a) schedule tons of weak teams, and b) often perform down to the opponent's level.  So maybe that explains why Cornell kept up for so long. Or maybe it was Nolan Cressler getting hot as the 6-4 guard hit 20 points in the first half.  Syracuse shut him down in the second and outscored Cornell 50-22 after halftime."


Unknown said...

Wow, if you want something to get you reacquainted with Cornell basketball, watch the ESPN3 feed of the Syracuse game (but just the first half). You can stream the replay on-demand.

Really encouraging. The frosh are for real. Cressler has jumped up into an All-Ivy player. Hatter looks like a real point guard with excellent passing instincts, and he can shoot. Onourah is a legit High-major athlete. Smith is athletic. Bunce looks like he could round into a serviceable big guy by the end of the season (surprised he looks so inexperienced - must be the injuries).

In short, lots to be encouraged by. Heck Courtney even seemed to run a bit of an offense, and the defense was little better. I'm gonna think positive thoughts. They could beat some people in the Ivys. I like the attitude and body language of the guys too - Hatter, Cressler, and Tarwater in particular.

Tarwater is a classic Ivy League player who gets eaten up by better bigger athletes but should be ok in the league, and is a leader. I think they'll be a competitive mid-league team, and fun to watch, and as CBB says, next year could be good.

So, Go Big Red, Good Effort!

Anonymous said...

I second what anonymous said. Cressler was incredibly smooth in the first half. Hatter became an instant favorite with his poise, passing and lefty bombs. Hope those who are skeptical of Coach's abilities will do some rethinking. There was obviously some good recruiting done, the team did confound the Syracuse zone for one half, and with Shonn Miller out there, who knows what might have happened?

Anonymous said...

It was better than many people expected, especially given all their personnel losses. The freshmen, Nolan, and the seniors deserve kudos for going out there with focus and earnest effort. It was clearly an improvement over last year -- as people have mentioned, one could actually see a plan on Friday night, and attempts at control. It is a relief to be able to honestly say that the last game was a great effort, rather that being forced to choose between frustrated venting and unconvincing excuses.

Maybe it's good that there are so many frosh playing... frosh cannot be disenchanted by any past woes; they will always go out there and play vigorously, appreciative of their first collegiate experiences. The same appreciativeness can be seen in upperclassmen who previously barely got PT.