Monday, December 2, 2013

News and Notes: Monday Afternoon Edition

Below, News and Notes for Monday afternoon.  Sunday's match-up pitted Cornell's Robert Mischler against his former high school teammate, Demetrius Jackson of Notre Dame (left).

  • The Ivy League announced its weekly awards and placed Nolan Cressler on the honor roll while naming Robert Hatter as Ivy Rookie of the Week.  The Ivy notes:
Cornell freshman guard Robert Hatter (Houston) provided plenty of offense in the Big Red’s three games last week. While shooting 48.8 percent from the floor and 44 percent from three-point range, Hatter scored at least 15 points in each game and matched his career high of six assists in two of them. He opened the week with 18 points, six assists and two rebounds in a loss to Radford, then netted 22 points, including a career-best six three-pointers, at Western Michigan. Hatter ended the week with 15 points, six assists, three rebounds and a steal at Notre Dame.

Hatter's Statistics for the Week
vs. Radford 28 7-16 .438 3-9 .333 1-2 .500 2 6 0 0 18
at Western Michigan 32 7-13 .538 6-11 .545 2-4 .500 4 3 0 0 22
at Notre Dame 30 6-12 .500 1-3 .333 2-4 .500 3 6 0 1 15
TOTALS 30.0 20-41 .488 10-23 .800 5-10 .500 3.3 5.0 0.0 0.3 18.3
Nolan Cressler, Cornell (So., G - Pittsburgh)  
9 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists vs. Radford
27 points, 1 rebound at Western Michigan
17 points, 9 rebounds at Notre Dame

Wk 1 Nov 11-Tony Hicks, Penn/Justin Sears, Yale
Wk 2 Nov 18-Sean McGonagill, Brown/Javier Duren, Yale
Wk 3 Nov 25-Maodo Lo, Columbia
Wk 4 Dec 2- T.J. Bray, Princeton/Wes Saunders, Harvard


Wk 1 Nov11-Robert Hatter, Cornell
Wk 2 Nov 18-Norman Hobbie, Brown
Wk 3 Nov 25-Leland King, Brown
Wk 4 Dec 2- Robert Hatter, Cornell

  • Incoming Cornell recruit, Riley Glassman of Fremd High School in Indiana, a 6'6" forward, scored 70 points in his team's first three games of the season.  See the Daily Herald.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Mike James's current statistical prediction has Cornell at 1-13 in Ivy play. For some reason, I think we'll win more than one stinking league game, but given our nation's worst defense, its well within the realm of possibility.

I expected a rough season. I never expected anything THIS bad. And that's with the freshman (mainly Hatter) making meaningful contributions.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations once again to the Mad Hatter. This kid is dynamite. If we don't win games with Hatter, Miller, Onurah, Smith, and Cressler on the floor next year that will be a HUGE red flag. I mean, how hard is it to play defense? See the ball, see your man, and box out. It ain't rocket science...

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Courtney has his guys ... we'll be good.

Just wait until Courtney has his guys for 2 seasons ... we'll be good.

Just wait until Courtney has his guys for 3 seasons ... we'll be good.

Just wait until Courtney has one single guy next year that we should have had this year ... we'll be good.

I'm tired of waiting and also I thought BC was supposed to bring 40 minutes of Heck to our program ... aka rock solid defense.

How the heck do you go from a sweet 16 program to the worst team in college basketball in 4 years.

If I didn't show up to work for 14 days (aka games) straight without a reasonable excuse, I'd most certainly be fired.

Anonymous said...

I think 1 league win is most probable the way we're playing, and going winless is entirely possible.

People honestly keep figuring something will work out somehow despite the fact the fact that we lose to everybody and are one of the worst teams in the country. It's serious denial/ wishful thinking. The rest of the league is getting better and wins will be harder to come by. The rest of the league is routing cupcakes while we are losing to them. I really don't think many Cornell fans have grasped how truly bad this team is.

Anonymous said...

I think we all understand that we are one of the absolute worst teams in the country this year. Watching us play "defense" has been simply jaw dropping.

The rest of the league is quite good this year. We are the worst team, by far. Maybe we beat Dartmouth. Maybe.

Mitch Henderson and Mike Martin are also short time coaches who have created/continued successful basketball programs. What's our excuse?

Anonymous said...

Dartmouth is destroying cupcakes and I am not confident we even stand a chance, especially since, as an improving team, they will take nothing for granted.

Sadly I think only 0-14 will force us to come to grips with reality, but cupcakes tend to go at least 1-13. When Dartmouth was a cupcake, they would always get 1-13 at most because some team was bound to wander into Hanover tired on the back end of some back-to-back weekend late in the season, so that's one way how cupcakes get wins -- by fluke.

A second way is that some bad coaches with talent to work with, manage to learn how to play teams within their league even though they generally suck outside the league. This was the story for Brown under Jesse Agel. They were epic cupcakes outside the Ivy and 300+ in Kenpom because Agel was a terrible coach despite having all sorts of All-Ivy talent on his team. But they could always pick up four or five wins in Ivy play because unlike Dartmouth the Brown players were actually extremely talented, and Agel had developed techniques for playing certain Ivy teams. For example Agel had a winning record against Princeton.

I have always expected that Courtney could find similar ways to muscle out at least 4 Ivy wins: his players were actually talented and could muscle out some wins through sheer athleticism, and he would pickup some techniques on familiar Ivy opponents. The Ivy was in such shambles with six teams rated 250+ last year that Cornell could gut out a bunch of wins despite being awful out of conference. But with Shonn injured, the muscling out wins might not be possible, and with the Ivy much improved and us much worse, our chances become even less, so I'm feeling we're in 1-13 territory, i.e. a fluke win.

Of course now if he even goes 2-12 everyone will say I owe Courtney an apology instead of being horrified that 2 wins (or even 4 wins) is now considered exceeding expectations around here.

Anonymous said...


All summer you told us that the loss of Peck was no big deal and wouldn't make this team better. Many of us responded saying that was crazy, and his play to date at Purdue seems to support that idea.

And now you are tweeting that the loss of Peck is one of the things that excuses Courtney's 0-9 record.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Your recollection of what was said is inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Not the commenter you were refuting, but I remember you dismissing Peck, some choice ones:

You basically say Peck is replaceable and other guys can get more minutes and we'll be fine.

Here we get "Peck is not a huge loss"

I'm biased because Peck was one of my favorite players, but he is definitely a big loss for this team.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

And there you have it.

The comments speak for themselves.

Peck is a loss, but he is not a huge loss. Just how in the world does Peck make this team better defensively? He doesn't.

He doesn't rebound very well. He doesn't block shots. He's is not a steals guy. Hell, he is maybe just an average to above average defender.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're right that the comments speak for themselves.

We couldn't disagree more about what they say.

Among other things, Peck would bring toughness and leadership to a team that is obviously in dire need of both.

Peck would clearly be our second best player, and some nights he would be our best player.

He looks like he is on his way to having a solid Big10 season. We are 0-9, including losses to some pretty terrible teams.

And he wouldn't help, huh?