Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Could Cressler Land at Pitt?

Nolan Cressler from Cornell University has announced his intentions to transfer away from the Ivy League school, per the Trib-Review. Cressler is a graduate of nearby Plum High School in the Pittsburgh area and will undoubtedly draw a lot of interest from college coaches. Cressler averaged 16.8 this past season in leading Cornell and he is a well regarded three point shooter, as he knocked down 68 of them in 2013-14. Cressler scored 23 against Syracuse, 27 against Western Michigan, 17 against Notre Dame, and a career-high 34 against Brown.
Cressler says he is not necessarily transferring to just be closer to home, but more so to play for a a higher level. It will be interesting to see if Jamie Dixon and his staff would be interested in adding him. The big hurdle, obviously, is that Pitt doesn't have any open scholarships right now with the recent addition of Tyrone Haughton. But if someone transfers out of the program, it could be a possibility.
Some may wonder if his ability translates from the Ivy League to the ACC, but the 23 points over Syracuse, and 17 against Notre Dame should help answer those questions. With Kobie Eubanks choosing Baylor, and Detrick Mostella still being a serious question mark, Pitt could stand to add a shooting guard if a spot opens up. Cressler appears to be a solid three-point shooting threat that this program has lacked for the past two seasons.


Anonymous said...

"Cressler says he is not necessarily transferring to just be closer to home, but more so to play for a a higher level."

Is 2-26 not a high enough level for you!? Is 1 D1 win not enough!?

Kids these days.

Alright, everyone back to drinking the Cornell kool-aid, nothing to see here. 5th year Bill Courtney coming through!

Anonymous said...

Cressler deserves it. Who the F wants to play for a 1-win coach?

Runningpie said...

No offense to Pitt, which is a solid school (and Dixon a good coach)but get thee to a better academic institution Nolan. All your red stuff will still work at Stanford.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Nolan isn't going to the NBA, so might as well play at a higher level AND get a prestigious degree (like Stanford or Vanderbilt).

Anonymous said...

Jamie Dixon only recruits and plays guys who are willing to buy into his defense and rebounding first philosophy. No one grinds it out more on O than Pitt.

Anonymous said...

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