Thursday, March 20, 2014

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, news and notes for Thursday...

  • The Arizona Star remembers a quote from Louis Dale during the 2010 NCAA Tournament.  The Star writes:
QQ is for Quotable Quips. There is not much better than the frustration — or jubilation — of players and coaches in the postgame pressers. I mean, “We want to enjoy this ride as long as we can because after this, it’s just babies and memories,” said Cornell’s Louis Dale, after the Big Red beat Wisconsin in 2010 to advance to the Sweet 16. March Madness is made for gems like this.
  • The Dallas Morning News writes, "The Ivy League — the only conference in Division I to award its automatic bid to the regular-season champion, not a tournament winner — gets good teams in the field every year, and has seen its share of upset winners (Cornell, 2010; Princeton, 1996; Penn, 1980)."
Donahue’s pedigree was in the Ivy League. He spent 10 seasons at Cornell, finishing with three consecutive NCAA tournament bids, including a Sweet 16 trip in his final season.
He parlayed that success into a job at BC. But it took time. At Cornell, Donahue went through 7 losing seasons before he turned the little Red into the Big Red, which swept to the top of the Ivy League standings.
Donahue handled the good and the bad with a style and grace and intelligence that every coach should have as part of his playbook.
He is a good coach. He is a good man. There were more tears and few, if any, smiles in the BC offices on Tuesday when athletic director Brad Bates announced that Donahue would not be back for a fifth season.
No one will know, if had Donahue been giving more time, whether the flip from losing to winning would have happened at BC.
In the Ivy league, coaches are given more leeway. In the fast paced lane of ACC basketball that is not a luxury which can be given.
In fact, I would go one step further and say that Donahue, while a skilled Ivy League coach, was simply not qualified to coach in the ACC. That's where Donahue went wrong: he approached coaching in the ACC the same way he coached at Cornell. No disrespect to the Ivy League, but in this conference, that is unacceptable.
  • The Syracuse Post Standard remembers how Syracuse's 102-day undefeated run began, "It began with Cornell in the Dome on Nov. 8, as the Big Red fell 82-60, and ended against BC in the same building on Feb. 15 when those underdog Eagles splashed 11 three-pointers and missed only one free throw on their way to that unlikely 62-59 overtime triumph."
  • GBM Wolverine writes, "The NIT: A once-great tournament that now consists of teams that are, by definition, worse than Cornell (2-26, 1-13). Here’s an SAT-style analogy for you: The NCAA Tournament is to The NIT as The Prom is to Not getting invited to the prom and holding your own prom in your basement with stuffed animals." 
  • The Olean Times Herald seems to think Boston College will pursue St. Bonaventure's head coach, Mark Schmidt.

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