Wednesday, March 5, 2014

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Above, Cornell's seniors- Jake Matthews, Dwight Tarwater and Dominick Scelfo.  Below, news and notes for Wednesday...
Adam Himmelsbach of the Courier Journal spoke with ESPN’s Jay Bilas in his column “Adam Asks” and he asked him a ton of questions in an one on one interview.
One of the more interesting answers from the interview was the following:
Q: Do you have a good story about interacting with Louisville or Kentucky fans?
A: I don’t know if you know this, but my niece and nephew are UK graduates. My nephew was student-body president last year, and my brother lives in Louisville.
In 2010, I had picked Cornell to go to the Sweet 16, and the way our ESPN selection show was set up, they were going to show our picks, but just from the Elite 8 on. But I thought ‘Well, no one’s really going to know how good I think Cornell is.’ So I thought ‘To hell with it, I’ll just put them in the Elite 8.’ I didn’t really think about that this meant Kentucky was going out in the Sweet 16. As soon as that happened, I became Public Enemy No. 1.
Somehow my cellphone number got on a Kentucky message board or something, and I started getting phone calls like you wouldn’t believe. And they weren’t calling to say ‘Hey, I really like you.’ I couldn’t even use my voicemail.
  • Tomahawk Nation wrote, "Steve Donahue recruits to be able to shoot from at least four positions (his good Cornell clubs could shoot from all five)."
  • The New York Times notes, "An Associated Press report in the Sports Briefing column on Saturday about Harvard’s 72-47 men’s basketball victory over Cornell misstated Cornell’s Ivy League record after the game. It was 1-10, not 11-10. (Cornell is now 1-11 in Ivy League play.)"
  • The Columbia Spectator recaps last weekend's Ivy action and writes, "With a week left, Harvard’s four-peat is likely. The Crimson (24-4, 11-1 Ivy), once again, was perfect, in a weekend that featured matchups against Columbia (18-11, 7-5 Ivy) and Cornell (2-24, 1-11 Ivy). Defense was the calling card for Harvard in both matchups. After a bit of a slow start, the Crimson rapidly pulled away from Cornell, leading by 16 at the half and winning, 72-47...Cornell was the other team to go winless last weekend. After a drubbing at the hands of Harvard on Friday, Cornell played a thrilling shootout against Dartmouth on Saturday. The Big Red, however, came up short, 87-78. Guard Devin Cherry and forward Dwight Tarwater combined for 45 points in the loss...With 12 games in the books—or 11, in the cases of Penn and Princeton—Harvard is the heavy favorite for the Ivy title. It will travel to Yale and Brown to finish its season, needing one win or a Yale loss to clinch the Ancient Eight championship. Yale and Brown will also host lowly Dartmouth. Meanwhile, Penn and Princeton will travel to Columbia and Cornell, and Penn visits Princeton on March 11 for the Ivy finale."
    • Cornell RPI Watch: The RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. It does not consider the margin of victory, but only whether or        not a team won and where the game was played (home/away/neutral court). The formula is 25% team     winning percentage (WP), 50% opponents' average winning percentage (OWP), and 25% opponents' opponents' average winning percentage (OOWP). (See: for a further explanation of the formula.) The RPI may be the most influential factor in NCAA Tournament seeding. Cornell's RPI rank as of March 5, 2014 is No. 329 out of 351 total Division I teams. While neither the Ken Pomeroy or the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) are used by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, the site ranks Cornell No. 332 in the nation, while the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) have Cornell at No. 329. Both sites are predominantly used by fans and the media.
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    Anonymous said...

    wait, I thought Bill was going to get better and better once Donahue's kids started graduating and Bill's kids started to fill the roster...

    Turns out it was Donahue's kids that were keeping Bill's head above the water all these years.

    Anonymous said...

    I am so proud of these 3 men! They are the epitome of never giving up. All three seniors have had season ending injuries or illness. Yet, they continued to lead on and off the bench. Day in and day out, these three players gave 100% to the Cornell Basketball program. All three men were recruited by Donahue but they never waived on their loyalty to Courtney and Cornell. They have had highs and lows over the 4 years . Through these times, these seniors have formed an incredible bond to each other, their teammates and cornell university. This has been a grueling and disappointing season when it comes to the win/loss record. However, I can honestly say, these seniors and their team fought to the end of every single game. Most importantly, all three will graduate in May with an Ivy degree. These three players are truly student athletes that gave Cornell University 110% over their 4 years. I couldn't be any prouder of Jake, Dwight and Dominick! Congratulations and thank you!

    Unknown said...

    No notes for Friday? No game previews? Did the season end a week early and I missed it? I thought there were games this weekend, at home, against the P's - the traditional powerhouses of Ivy basketball that Cornell was well on the way to supplanting just 3.5 years ago.

    Now were already back to talking about unproven high schoolers?

    The silence is deafening - so loud that maybe even Andy Noel can hear it.

    Anonymous said...

    I have seen the team play personally at Stony Brook, Columbia and on campus vs. Yale and Brown. They play hard but they never compete. Sadly, the players know that almost from the tip off. They cheer for their teammates at any hopeful sign. But the body language is terrible. When substituted for, the teaching lessons in their face before being allowed to sit down are awkward and embarrassing .I actually averted my eyes at times. The style of play that led to a 2-25 record does not change, game after game. But the point is this: for those players that will return, they need to know that they will never have to endure a season like this again. They need to know that changes will be made to ensure that a system is in place that will allow them to compete. They need to be given hope that when they return to the hardwood in late fall to practice anew, they will again look forward to enjoy playing the game of basketball. Right now they can't stand the humiliation. And any spin that is uses to suggest differently is a silly, abject excuse.

    Anonymous said...

    CBB, have we ever trailed any opponent 25-0 in over a century of varsity basketball?

    In 1999, Princeton trailed Penn 29-3 and then won 50-49. No such luck last night.