Wednesday, March 19, 2014

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, news and notes for Wednesday...

  • Check out Jeff Foote's (Cornell '10) season game log in the NBA D-League with the Springfield Armor.  The improvement he's made since recovering from a preseason back injury is impressive.
  • Rush The Court comments on the firing of Steve Donahue by Boston College.
  • Newsday writes, "The Ivy League as a whole has struggled in the NCAA Tournament, as you might expect. Harvard won its opening round game last year as a 14-seed, upsetting No. 3 New Mexico. The Cornell team of 2010 is the only Ivy League school since the turn of the century to win more than one tournament game, reaching the Sweet Sixteen before running into top-seeded Kentucky."
  • The Buffalo News writes of Wisconsin, "Over the last seven years, the Badgers have been upset five times by lower-seeded teams, four of them mid-majors. They lost to UNLV, Davidson, Cornell and Butler. A year ago, as a No. 5 seed, they went out against Mississippi in their first game. This year, they’re a No. 2 seed."

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Anonymous said...

CBB, you are saying what you HOPE is true, not what you THINK is true when you tweet that Amaker might leave Harvard for BC.

Harvard's a better job for HIM in every way and Amaker is smart enough to know it. He knows what it's like to lose year after year at Michigan. He's seen Donahue get run out of Chestnut Hill just as he himself was run out of Ann Arbor.

Amaker may also be sufficiently self-aware to know that Harvard is the perfect fit for a guy weak on player development and in-game coaching but outstanding in recruiting. With his AI advantages, Amaker will win the Ivy League championship EVERY year he is there. If he is not offered the Duke job after Coach K retires someday, Amaker could win the next 25 Ivy League championships. What's the record for consecutive titles in any conference? Amaker's got that in his sights.