Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steve Donahue to Leave Boston College


Anonymous said...

Sad for Steve, and his staff. However, coaching at that level, where so much money is at stake, is an absurdly unfair, cut throat "win or leave" business. Steve can flat out coach, and there is always a place for someone with his in-game talent. He will land on his feet.

Anonymous said...

he should land right back in Ithaca and start over

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Steve can't win in Ithaca recruiting kids like Tarwater, Matthews, Scelfo, Sahota, Chemerinski, Asafo Adjei and Figini.

The reality is that the perfect coach is a combo of Courtney and Donahue.

Steve can't save Cornell given his track record of recruiting the last 7 years.

His Boston College kids would be a 3rd/4th place Ivy team and that is with his use of scholarships and reduced academic standards at B.C.

Anonymous said...

T. Amaker: "Okay, let me get this straight. People -- supposedly knowledgeable people at that -- think I'm going to leave Harvard, where I can leverage institutional advantages to win championships *every* single year, to take a job at BC, a complete turnaround project with no institutional advantages whatsoever. What kind of idiot do you think I am? I turned down $5.5 million for five years at Miami. I'm going to keep racking up Ivy championship banners until Coach K retires, then hope that people in Durham confuse winning at Harvard with winning in the ACC."

Anonymous said...

It's easy to take shots at those Donahue recruits because we will never know how they would have performed under Donahue as their coach.

Does that matter? Well, Donahue had 20 years experience coaching in the Ivy League - 10 as a head coach. Courtney started with 0 years in the Ivy League and 0 years as a head coach. That makes a Huge difference, but it's always conveniently overlooked.

But we do know a few things based on the last 4 years.

Chemerinski and Figini would have been the most productive Bigs on last year's team of Bigs recruited by Courtney (Lamore, Bunce, Tomic, Giddens and Onourah) - by a long shot. Look at the stats.

Asafo Adjei would have been the best pure PG and defender with far more toughness than all of the PGS on last year's team recruited by Courtney (Hatter, Fleming and Fallas). And, don't leave out Courtney's signature PG recruit, Cancer, who came off the bench behind Miles and then quit because he couldn't stand to play even 4 more games to finish the 12-13 season. Recruiting the right kids who have the mental toughness to stick it out is part of good recruiting too. Regardless, after Cancer quit, CBB was quick to wish him good riddance and emphasized all of his weaknesses as a PG. Don't defend him now.

This year, Courtney - not Donahue - played Tarwater ahead of every other player that Courtney recruited who could have played at the 4. Oh by the way, one of those players, Harmon (with all of his mid major scholly offers), quit to spend more time being a disc jockey. Recruiting the right kids is part of recruiting.

Courtney played his experienced guard recruits -Cressler and Cherry- 33 mins per game all year. Can't really play them more than that. 2-26.

As for Donahue's guard recruits:

All CBB did was hype Scelfo and his offer from Majerus of St Louis, but now Scelfo was really a DII talent. I think maybe Majerus and Donahue had a little better feel for evaluating talent than CBB. Also, Courtney - not Donahue - played Scelfo (when healthy) ahead of several of Courtney's guard recruits last year and this year (Mischler, Fallas, Fleming and early in the season Smith).

Courtney - not Donahue - played Matthews as a Frosh when he was healthy, and again this year (even after he missed two years due to injury) ahead of several Courtney guard recruits (Mischler, Fallas, Fleming and at times Smith).

Donahue spent 20 years coaching and evaluating talent in the Ivy League. However, apparently, Donahue cannot evaluate Ivy talent as well as CBB because - well, because CBB has a blog.

Now it's time for CBB to cite the unnamed coaches who agree with him.

Up tempo into the "dribble drive" on offense, and wreak havoc on D!!


Anonymous said...

donahue, a-toole, or bust. time to get the big red back on track

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Give me a break. None of the guys mentioned showed even a flash of All Ivy material or even championship team starter material.

Do you honestly think any of those guys would start or play in the top 7 for Harvard or Princeton? No way. But that's what Donahue left us.

He's a SPECTACULAR game coach, but his last 2 Cornell classes were big time busts and Cornell has been choking on it for the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to say, but I think Donahue's downfall at BC was that he brought over his Cornell staff. I really think he needed to hire BCS guys who are proven recruiters. Funny enough, Courtney would have made a great #1 assistant for him.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. Next year is year five. It will be all Courtney guys.

The spin and excuses end next season...including for CBB.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I think these last two comments are fair.

Boston College did not recruit well. They need top 100 players to compete in the ACC and they did not get them. The roster was CAA level.

And would agree, Bill Courtney is in year 5 next season. It is his last contract year and he will have to produce.

Injuries may hinder Courtney next season, but without substantial improvement, I just could not see Cornell extending him a new contract for another term.

Anonymous said...

It did seem odd that Donohue did bring his entire Cornell staff with him to BC, not to mention former Columbia coach Joe Jones as lead assistant. Suprisng that he did not bring in an ACC-type.

Perhjaps there WAS an ultamatem? Actually I wonder if his refusing to change staff was what happened between the "one more year" pronouncement and the termination

Anonymous said...

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard - Steve can't win in Ithaca recruiting kids like Tarwater, Matthews, Scelfo, Sahota, Chemerinski, Asafo Adjei and Figini."

Who recruited Shonn Miller? Who started the search for Bunce when he was being looked at by big name schools? The level of talent Coach D. was bringing in was getting better and better as Cornell gained success.

Coach D can flat our coach. Coach D can flat out recruit. Coach D is a flat out good coach and he should flat out be on the Big Red's sideline.

Anonymous said...

We need to reach out now, before Penn grabs him

Anonymous said...

It is ironic, I think, that precisely 4 years ago, we were discussing Coach Donohue possibly leaving and going to places like Hofstra, Iona, Manhattan and the like. When he landed in Boston College, it really was a shocker.

In retrospect, Donohue really did outkick his coverage by jumping direvtly to the ACC--clearly a different world than the Ivy League.

I am sure the money was very good and enticing. But perhaps he should have made a stop at a mid -majpr. Will certainly be interesting to see where he lands. He certainly can coach. As much as I'd liek to see him back in Ithaca, I realize that is highly unlikely.