Monday, April 21, 2014

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, news and notes...

  • Cornell's 2014-2015 roster of returning players is now available on the team's official website
    • Sporting News quotes Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) on the NBA D-League and writes:
    Jeff Foote, a veteran of European powerhouses Maccabi Tel-Aviv and Zalgiris, who also had a stint with New Orleans in the NBA, and spent the year with the Springfield Armor, said that pay is the one big difference between overseas and the D-League.  "If they were to increase the salaries here, this would be easily the second-best league in the world," Foote said. "I think that is kind of what kills it, unfortunately. I get the business aspect of it, I understand, it is tough to raise the revenues to pay the players. But I think that is where the competition loses out. It is tough to raise a family on a D-League salary. In Europe, everything that is covered here in the D-League is covered there, too, plus you make six times, seven times more money."
    • Texas Tech announced the signing of Jonathan Gray's (Cornell '13) younger brother.
    • Cornell's 2014-2015 Schedule will be highlighted by Cornell's participation in ESPN's Charleston Classic.  Visit the Cornell team page at the Charleston Classic for more information.   In this ESPN-produced event, Cornell is guaranteed three (3) games against the field of eight (8) participants and all games are broadcast on the ESPN family network.  Potential opponents in Charleston include: Miami, South Carolina, USC, Penn State and Akron with two additional participants to be named at a later date.  The two unconfirmed additional participants are Charlotte and Drexel.  Cornell's thirty (30) games for the 2014-2015 schedule is rumored to include the following:
    1. Loyola, MD (away)
    2. UMass-Lowell (home)
    3. Binghamton (away)
    4. Colgate (home)
    5. Siena (away)
    6. St. Peter's (home)
    7. Howard (home)
    8. Radford (away)
    9. Canisius (home)
    10. Buffalo (away) (Guarantee Game)
    11. BCS Guarantee Game TBD (away)
    12. BCS Guarantee Game TBD (away)
    13. D-III Game TBD (home)
    14. Charleston Classic Game
    15. Charleston Classic Game
    16. Charleston Classic Game
    17-30. Fourteen Ivy League Games

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