Thursday, April 3, 2014

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Above, Cornell's Devin Cherry drives past Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky during the 2012-2013 season.  Below, news and notes for Thursday...

  • A former Cornell prospect is also transferring despite his team's winning ways and his plentiful playing time.


Anonymous said...

"Cornell fans always complain about wanting BCS talent. They did not realize it, but they already had it. See Peck, Cressler as proof."

Are you kidding us with this??

We complained that Peck was a huge loss to us and you said that he wasn't because he was easily replaceable.

Well, guess what - we "replaced" him and went 2-26. Then because we were so crappy we lost Nolan. So, maybe Peck wasn't replaceable and was actually a HUGE loss to us, because now we lost Nolan also. If Peck was here and we win 8+ games, Nolan might not leave.

So, yeah, let's remember what was really talked about with Peck on this blog.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

That comment was made BEFORE Cornell lost Shonn Miller and Galal Cancer, so nice editing of the conversation.

No team can lose 3 starters for non-graduation reasons and be just fine.

Peck would not have been a big loss if Cancer and Miller were available. Take all three out of the picture and that is just too much of a hit.

Now if Cornell had Miller and Cancer, the Big Red would still have started Nolan at the 3, Devin at the 2 and Galal or Robert at the 1.

Miller would get the 4.

Peck would come off the bench.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a fairly dubious assumption. The talent on this roster went 2-26. No way if Peck is on this team (even with Shonn and Galal) that he's coming off the bench. Peck would play the 4 and Shonn would get the 5 methinks. And playing small would be better suited to BC's coaching philosophy.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that our biggest recruiting news is our best player LEAVING the program.

In other news, Cam Smith commits to Dartmouth. He turned us down. He's a solid mid-major pickup who visited but wasn't offered by Texas. We could have used another point guard.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

#1) We did not offer Cameron Smith. Sorry, but nobody is committing to Dartmouth over Cornell. Just not happening.

#2)Peck is NOT a starter. He only started 11 out of 29 games in 2002-2013 and 4 of those 11 starts were the final 4 games of the season AFTER Miller and Gray were gone.
Peck is a BENCH player. Onuorah would start ahead of him. Period.

Anonymous said...

Starter or not, who cares....Peck would play at least 25 minutes/game

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Uhhh, not really. He played heavy minutes the last 6 games, all 25+ which boosted his avg minutes (the last 4 games were all 30+ mins). He was basically a 20 min guy off the bench during the season and was definitely not a starter in any respect. He would have played the same role this past season.

Anonymous said...

Other than your oft-repeated opinion, what do you possibly have to back up that assertion?

In roughly equivalent playing time Peck and Onuorah put fairly comparable stats this year. Of course Peck did it playing vastly better competition in the Big10.

I say roughly comparable stats, but Peck scored more, rebounded more, forced opponents to defend him at the 3pt line (35%), and had triple the assists that David did.

Onuorah did have significantly more blocks than Peck, as you would expect from their style of play.

In prior years at Cornell Peck averaged 11 and 4, and then 10 and 5. Shonn Miller is the only other Cornell big man since Jeff Foote with those kind of numbers.

Listen, Onuorah is obviously only a freshmen, and clearly has some promise, but to suggest he is an upgrade from Errick Peck THIS YEAR is just silly.

OK, lets see what other folks think. Well, two years ago, the Ivy coaches thought enough of Peck to name him HM all-ivy. You think David was remotely in the running for that this year?

And listen to the vibe around Purdue regarding Peck's year there. He clearly brought leadership and toughness to the party, two things that Cornell 2013-14 sorely lacked.

Anonymous said...

CBB's logic is baffling... On a team he deems "lacking talent" that went 1-26, a BCS caliber player would be coming off the bench...

You literally are choking on Bill-koolaid and the ensuing hypoxia is muddling your thinking.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The logic is not baffling at all. And this is not a conversation about Peck's talent. It is about his past role on the team and his role had he returned.

We are talking about whether he would play. Peck did not start in 12-13 (and played between 18-22 mpg when the team was healthy). And he would not start over Cressler or Miller in 13-14. Simple facts.

Anonymous said...

Of course he would not start over Cressler or Miller. On this year's imaginary team with Miller, Cressler and Peck - Miller starts at 5, Peck at 4, and Cressler at 3. None of those are perfect fits to the position, but those are your 3 best players.

You did not rebut a single one of Anonymous 12:30's points.

On a team that was desperate for interior scoring, Onuorah scored 3 points a game. He used his significant athleticism for a number of highlight reel dunks and blocks, but otherwise was often invisible and out of position.

Runningpie said...

Oye. If all those people were healthy, any intelligent coach would have started Onourah/Giddens, Miller, Peck, Cressler, and Cherry. That is 5 thru 1, although the positions are interchangeable, as they often are on a good team with versatile players. You wouldn't sit one of your top 3 players just because the traditional positions don't quite match up.

Anonymous said...


What you are saying does not make any sense to me either.

Of course Peck should have not necessarily would have started this past season.

One of the Dave's at the 5, Shonn at the 4, Peck at the 3, Cressler at the 2 and Cherry at the 1. That appears to be the strongest starting lineup BigRed could have fielded.

Also, lets keep things in perspective, that lineup was pure theory and move forward with what we may have in the future.

With all that stated BigRed can still compete Next Year, maybe not for a Title but a significant improvement from this past season with the addition of Shonn the steady improvement of Cherry and the positive growth of the rest of the TEAM!

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

There is no empirical evidence at all that Peck was going to become a starter.

Anonymous said...

CBB - your statements are wanting me never to come back and read this blog. You have stated that Tarwater was a sub par player many times (I disagree). Tarwater started most if not all games last year, surely Peck is at par if not better then Tarwater and they both play the same position (4). Peck would have started most if not all games last season.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

(1) You don't have to read the Blog.

(2) If you choose to participate, at least read the full comments section before responding.

Of course Peck would start this year IF Miller and Cancer did not play. But the WHOLE DISCUSSION above was premised on Miller playing the 4, Onuorah at the 5 and Cressler at the 3.

I can tell you definitively 100 percent that if everyone was healthy, Peck would not be a starter this year and he was not a starter last year.