Wednesday, April 9, 2014

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, news and notes for Wednesday...

  • UM Hoops profiles the potential transfer of Nolan Cressler to Michigan.
  • Cornell's 2014-2015 Schedule will be highlighted by Cornell's participation in ESPN's Charleston Classic.  Visit the Cornell team page at the Charleston Classic for more information.   In this ESPN-produced event, Cornell is guaranteed three (3) games against the field of eight (8) participants and all games are broadcast on the ESPN family network.  Potential opponents in Charleston include: Miami, South Carolina, USC, Penn State and Akron with two additional participants to be named at a later date.  Cornell's thirty (30) games for the 2014-2015 schedule is rumored to include the following:
1. Loyola, MD (away)
2. UMass-Lowell (home)
3. Binghamton (away)
4. Colgate (home)
5. Siena (away)
6. St. Peter's (home)
7. Howard (home)
8. Radford (away)
9. Canisius (home)
10. BCS Guarantee Game TBD (away)
11. BCS Guarantee Game TBD (away)
12. BCS Guarantee Game TBD (away)
13. D-III Game TBD (home)
14. Charleston Classic Game
15. Charleston Classic Game
16. Charleston Classic Game
17-30. Fourteen Ivy League Games

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Anonymous said...

Any news on where Donahue/Graham/Woody might end up next year?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Don't have anything to announce yet.