Wednesday, June 25, 2014

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Above, A Date in Cornell Basketball History,  a press credential for a 1948 Cornell-Colgate game.  Below, news and notes for Wednesday...

  • Bill Courtney described to the Syracuse Post Standard the college basketball rule he would most like changed.  He said, "One thing I would like to see changed is having over-the-back called a little bit more. Having guys block out and having other guys go over the back to get that rebound — there should be a vertically rule. I have my space and if you come over me, it's over-the-back. That's been a pet peeve of mine the past few years. ... I also really like the idea of shorter shot shot clock. I think that would make the game more exciting and add more possessions to the game. I think that's a huge rule that will make the game better."
  • The Syracuse Post Standard writes, "After Syracuse drew a crowd of 24,788 for its 2013-14 season-opener against Cornell, the Orange appeared well on the way to its first attendance crown since 2005. The crowd for the Cornell game represented the largest crowd for a Syracuse opening game since the 1990-91 season."
The financial groundwork for the Ivy League [Digital] Network was put in place during the 2009-10 NCAA men’s basketball tournament when Cornell advanced to the Sweet 16. Cornell won a pair of tournament games, earning the conference an increased share of the tournament’s revenue with each win.  That increased piece of the pie, in turn, helped support the implementation of the Ivy League Network. Each of the league’s schools got a pot of money from that extra income, which this past year amounted to approximately $70,000 for Cornell. Along with acquiring equipment, Cornell hired John Lukach as Director of Multimedia to manage the network and live streaming.

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