Friday, August 29, 2014

News and Notes: Friday Edition

All in:  Galal Cancer and Shonn Miller return to active duty and team up with Devin Cherry.  They are now seniors heading into the 2014-2015 season and were each part of Bill Courtney's first recruiting class.  News and Notes for Friday below...

  • Bleacher Report named Ryan Wittman (Cornell '10) one of the best shooters in college basketball history.  Others to make the list of ten include: Steph Curry, Kyle Korver and J.J. Redick.  BR writes:
Ryan Wittman
Years Played: 2006-2010
Three-Pointers Made: 377
Three-Point Percentage: 43.1
Before Ryan Wittman arrived at Cornell in the fall of 2006, the Big Red had a losing record in nine consecutive seasons, posting an overall record of 88-154. They had not been to the NCAA tournament since 1988.
That all changed in a hurry thanks to one of the best three-point shooters to grace the college courts.
Wittman shot better than 41.5 percent from three-point range in each of his four seasons at Cornell. He averaged at least 15.0 PPG each year, leading the team to three NCAA tournaments and an overall record of 88-33.
His senior year was Cornell's best ever. The Big Red went 29-5 and knocked off No. 5 seed Temple and No. 4 seed Wisconsin to reach the Sweet 16. In those two games, Wittman made seven of his 11 three-point attempts and averaged 22.0 PPG.
As soon as Wittman graduated, Cornell's basketball program reverted to its losing ways. The Big Red have had four straight losing seasons since Wittman's departure, including last year's horrendous 2-26 record.
  • Per CBS Sports, Nolan Cressler is the 17th ranked transfer in the country eligible for 2015-2016.


Anonymous said...

The Class of 2015 is back together!!!!!!!!! This was truly a BIG surprise!!!!

But to the CornellbasketBlog, I don't think that Cancer comes in and takes over the point. It appears to me that Cherry is BigReds best option at the point which also allows for a three point sniper setting up on the left or right without running three guards one of which would be trying to play the 3.

We need to be playing three front court players with the size to play the position on both sides of the floor along with a point and shooting guard. That floor balance would allow BigRed to be better on DEFENSE, stopping the oppositions 3 and boxing out and clearing boards

millertimeatnewman said...

In the caption for today's News and Notes picture you said Cancer, Miller and Cherry are all seniors this year. Isn't Shonn a redshirt junior?

Anonymous said...

Weisner Perez visiting Cornell this weekend. Would be a really nice get. Harvard and other Ivies also in play for him.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Shonn is a "senior" but has 5 years of eligibility and is not expected to graduate.

Anonymous said...

Some (including this writer) might think it presumptuous of Galal that he could abandon his team and then stroll back onto the court when he feels like it...What do you think, CBB?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I think Galal was direct, open and honest with the coaches when he left. It was a process that lasted two months. So, it was deliberate and done with two-way communication. He left on as good of terms as you can when you leave a program.

Does this mean he should be a captain? No way. A guy who leaves a team should not be selected a captain. But welcoming him back is not something I am opposed to.

BigRed1965 said...

A player should not be banned from returning to a team simply because he quit previously. And we cannot know all the circumstances that induced Galal to leave. If he wants to come back, and the Coach is agreeable to it, why should we oppose it? And if Coach and team even believe he would be a worthy captain, why should we oppose that either?

millertimeatnewman said...

Have to wonder if Galal will be rusty not having played college basketball in over 1.5 years.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Galal might be a little rusty from "game speed" conditions. It has been a year since he played in a college game. But he has continued to play pick-up and he is not coming back from an injury, so he is in 100 percent health. Odds are he will be back to form by the time we get 5 games into the season. Remember, this guy has over 50 games of Division I experience and all under Bill Courtney. It will not take him long to get his dribble back. And he has the entire preseason (September through mid November) still to go.

Anonymous said...

This should be quite an interesting season! Lack of any major injuries BigRed is as Talented as any Team in the IVY maybe with the exception of HARVARD.

Deep at many positions with the exception of a proven Three point shooter. If Cherry improves from his Breakout Season last year with Shonns return and the improvement of David O this should be a very impressive turnaround for Coach Courtney.

As the saying goes CAN'T WAIT for the season to start up.

Let's go BigRed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!