Wednesday, September 3, 2014

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, news and notes for Wednesday...

  • Cornell's recruiting class of 2015 now includes:
  • Here is a look at Cornell's 2014-2015 nonconference games which have gone public.  We gave a sneak peak at the schedule back on May 17
  1. at George Mason 11/14/14
  2. South Carolina (Charleston Classic) 11/20/14
  3. Charleston Classic Game #2 11/21/14 (Penn State or Charlotte)
  4. Charleston Classic Game #3 11/23/14
  5. vs. Canisius 11/26/14
  6. at Binghamton 11/29/14
  7. at Radford 12/21/14
  8. at Siena  12/23/14 
  9. at Syracuse 12/31/14
  10.  at Buffalo 1/3/15                                                                                                       
  11. vs. Howard 1/8/15 
  12. vs. Alfred State 1/10/15


Anonymous said...

So our 2015 class consists of guys who chose Cornell over D3 and tiny D1 programs. Nice.

Bill "Recruiter Extraordinaire" Courtney doin' work I see.

millertimeatnewman said...

Why so few non conference home games this year?

BigRed1965 said...

I believe I count 7 non-league home games. That's not so few, I would say.

TJ said...

I see 3 non-league home games in the above. Are there more TBA?

BigRed1965 said...

The seven non-league home games I see scheduled are: Colgate, Canisius, Binghamton, UMass-Lowell, St. Peter's, Howard, and Alfred State.