Sunday, October 5, 2014

Joe Ritter to Join Cornell's 2015 Recruiting Class

Cornell received a commitment from Joseph Ritter (Woodrow Wilson HS) Dallas, TX, 6-8, F.

Ritter is ranked as the #133 overall prospect in the class of 2015 in Texas by which describes him as a, "Tough interior player that will mix it up, rebounds, gets trash, hits 12-footer."  His 2013-2014 high school stats (3.0 ppg, 3.7 rpg) are on Max Preps.

On the commitment, NY2LA Sports writes:
2015 PF Joseph Ritter of Woodrow Wilson High School found a home in the Northeast last week. The 6-8 240 pound post from Dallas, Texas decided to take his game to Cornell.

Cornell took their Ivy League academic standards and Division 1 needs to comb the state of Texas and struck nicely adding Ritter. Ritter’s 3.5 AP GPA and a 29 ACT score makes for an attractive Ivy League student and when you combine that with a college ready body and a decent ceiling Cornell struck nicely with this talent. Scouting service notes say he’s a skilled low post guy with college ready body that can face up out to 15 feet, knock down free throws, and he has a solid touch with nice upside.

The talented young man is excited about the opportunity to attend Cornell and he also is aware he needs to keep improving. “I feel comfortable about rebounding and defending at the next level but have to get college level strength and conditioning,” he said, adding “I’m excited about the opportunity Cornell presents both academic and basketball wise and I’m looking forward to the challenge and working with the coaches there.”

Joseph took multiple unofficial Ivy League visits because of his value of a high level education, but Cornell had a feel that provided an atmosphere he thought he could be productive in. Joseph spent his summers with Dream Elite basketball during the grassroots travel season.
Below, some highlights.

Updated 10.11.14


Anonymous said...

Doesn't appear to be a big-time contributor, but it's never bad to bring in a banger

Anonymous said...

this guy will definitely help us beat Harvard...yea...

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

What? You don't think he is as talented as Charlie Anastasi, Matt Fraschilla, Alex Nesbitt or Zach Yoshor?

Anonymous said...

A few comments/observations:

- As the picture makes clear, Joe isn't 6'8" unless Bill recently went on a big growth spurt.

- Approx. 3 points/rebounds per game in high school isn't exactly D1 roster-worthy. But I'm fine with adding kids to the program, so long as we have better big men recruits in the pipeline. A lot of kids are already off the board, though.

- Comparing Ritter to the Harvard boosters doesn't really provide a complete picture, given that Harvard brings in better talent overall than we do.

- Congrats to Mike Blaine. I wonder who's gonna fill that spot? Do the other assistant coaches move up the line, or do we bring in someone new to take Blaine's spot?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Don't assume that Joe was meant to be our "answer" to rebuilding the frontcourt. Sometimes we take kids for different reasons.

Harvard is not exactly blowing it up in recruiting. Neither of their two commits had a BCS offer. Both are just solid mid major commits. Meanwhile, they graduate Saunders, Moundou-Missi, Travis, Matt Brown and possibly Kenyatta Smith. Even if they land Falzon, it is a down year for Harvard recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Is your position still that Bill is arguably the best recruiter in the league?

Anonymous said...

Falzon is really important for Harvard. He reported that his visit to Northwestern went very well, so who knows where he'll land up.

I"m pretty impressed by the talent Paul Fortier is landing in Dartmouth. They've made a significant jump in the past couple of years, and they're one of the finalists for Evan Boudreaux, who just cut Iowa from his list.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Absolutely Bill Courtney is the Ivy's best recruiter.

(1) He is at the school with the smallest financial budget;

(2) He is in the most remote location with tough winters;

(3) He is at the only Ivy school with 7 distinct undergrad colleges that do not allow averaging/boosters (and the business school places highly restrictive admissions quota barriers to some prospects who want to be a part of it).

Notwithstanding the above, all hurdles that Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Penn do NOT face, Bill still brings in really good talent.

He's doesn't have the Harvard name brand. He doesn't have their relaxed admissions for all majors and programs. He doesn't have their budget.

Yet, Bill makes the most out of very little. Steve D. did the same, but it took him 8 years to get a title contender team after he struck out on talent for years.

Anonymous said...

While I agree Ithaca is somewhat remote, Hanover is even more so -- just saying.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

No way. Hanover is 2 hrs and 20 minutes to Boston. On its best day, Ithaca is 4 hours from NY.

And please, let's not discuss how close Ithaca is to Syracuse because Syracuse is hardly a major city.

Runningpie said...

Where are these budget figures coming from? I find it hard to believe that Cornell has a smaller budget than Brown, Columbia, or Dartmouth in basketball. And if you look up middle of nowhere in the dictionary, there is a picture of Hanover NH.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

From the mouths of all of Cornell's coaches over the last decade. Cornell has it rough. Very rough.

Anonymous said...

Don't results matter at all? Let's say Bill goes 6-22 and 7-21 (or thereabouts) with all his own players over the next two years. Is he still a great recruiter?