Tuesday, December 16, 2014

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, news and notes...

  • The NCAA is taking notice of Cornell and the Ivy League.
  • Ivy Hoops Online pokes fun at The Cornell Basketball Blog and ranks Cornell 4th in its Ivy power poll.
  • On his relationship with Randy Wittman, John Wall told NBA.com, "We always talk about when I played against his son, who played at Cornell, in the (NCAA) Tournament...He's still upset about that. He seen my defense that night when I played his son. He's like, 'Where is that defense in the league?'"
  • The Ivy League announced its weekly awards while Cornell remained idle.

    Week 1, 11/17/14-Shonn Miller, Cornell
    Week 2, 11/24/14-Justin Sears, Yale
    Week 3, 12/1/14-Wes Saunders, Harvard
    Week 4, 12/8/14-Javier Duren, Yale
    Week 5, 12/15/14-Cedric Kuakumensah, Brown*

    Week 1, 11/17/14-Antonio Woods, Penn
    Week 2, 11/24/14-Mike Auger, Penn
    Week 3, 12/1/14-Amir Bell, Princeton
    Week 4, 12/8/14-Darnell Foreman, Penn
    Week 5, 12/15/14-Sam Jones, Penn*
    * = Cornell idle


Anonymous said...

Finals are almost over, the second third of the season is about to start and this portion of the season is going to give us better insight into what the Ivy season has to hold for us as fans of BigRed.

As the competition stiffens, BigReds opportunity to test its metal will arrive shortly and I hope that the mistakes that were made in losing those close games will come to an end. Mistakes from the sidelines and from the court should be greatly reduced and closing out games should become easier to do if situational basketball is stressed, turnovers are reduced and decisions on the court in real time become better.

Lets go BigRed!!!! Looking for big things from all players! One game at a time!!

BigRed1965 said...

Hey, I'm with Coach Wittman - I'm still upset about that Cornell-Kentucky game too. LOL Sticks in my mind with the disappointment I had as a boy when the Giants beat the Dodgers in 1951 on the Thomson home run, and Don Larsen pitched a perfect game against the Dodgers in 1956.