Monday, November 2, 2015

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, some news and notes...

  • CBS Sports ranks Cornell #290 out of 351 D-I teams and writes, "290. Cornell: The Big Red appear to be the worst team in the Ivy League. Can Bill Courtney's team ugly up the games with defense-first, -second- and -third?"
  • City of Basketball Love polled some anonymous Ivy League basketball coaches, here is what they said about Cornell:
“I don’t know who is going to score for them. I know they’re going to try to play fast, but I don’t think they have enough good players to do it. ...They want to get up-and-down, they want to speed it up, they want to get steals. So that’s difficult to prepare for … Their style of play is one that hasn’t proven to be conducive to winning in the Ivy League for whatever reason. Some other teams have tried to be aggressive defensively like that and it hasn’t been successful. That being said, it does give people problems because it’s different, but it hasn’t finished in W’s. … They’re going to be in some trouble. Shonn Miller did a lot for them, and he is going to be tough to replace.”
  • Stone Gettings gets mention in the LA Times.
  • Steve Donahue's Cornell program was among the first three American universities to recruit Kelly Olynyk per Sports Net.

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