Wednesday, November 11, 2015

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, news and notes...

  •  Cornell Athletics published the Game Notes for the Big Red's visit to Georgia Tech.
Donahue inherited a Cornell program with almost nothing going for it, and he was not able to turn it around overnight. Far from it.
In his first four seasons with the Big Red, Donahue failed to lead his team into the top half of the Ivy League. He knew that if he wanted to achieve the kind of success he did at Penn, he’d have some growing up to do.
And grow up he did, adopting a more measured coaching style as he gained experience and perspective.
“I thought coaching was one thing, and it’s totally another,” Donahue said. “I was way out of control, and my emotions were to the point that it was detrimental to my coaching.”
And with it came the success he was looking for. In his last three years with the program, Cornell won three consecutive Ivy titles, including an unbelievable Sweet 16 run in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.
  • The Macon Telegraph previews Georgia Tech and notes that the Yellowjackets face Cornell in the season opener.
  • City of Champions previews Pitt and writes, "Pitt should be able to gain wins over Saint Joseph’s Indiana, Detroit, Cornell, and Kent State at the Peterson Events Center."
  • USA Today mentions UConn (and Shonn Miller, Cornell '15) as a breakthrough team.  Sports Illustrated also mentions Miller in its UConn preview.  Bleacher Report also ranks UConn in its top 25 with reference to Miller.


Jonny U said...

Which radio station is covering the Big Red this year?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Hits 103. See the game notes.