Sunday, February 21, 2016

News and Notes: Sunday Edition

Below, news and notes...


Jonny U said...

A few observations from last night's game from someone who was there:

1. This was a meltdown of epic proportions. I don't know if I've ever seen a contest where a team was up by twenty at home at the beginning of the second half only to lose in the final minutes. Even that one crazy guy who always sits in the student section and tries to pump everyone up was having trouble getting the crowd to respond.

2. After a dominating first half in which Cornell was moving the ball, defending well, and attacking the basket, they reverted to what Bill's teams do best - jacking up contested threes.

3. Courtney appeared lost as he shuffled toward the locker room after the game - wearing an expression of disbelief, sweating, tie askew. Even poor Jacques looked like he'd just come from a funeral.

So, CBB, do you really think Noel will put his coach on the chopping block? I'll say this for Courtney - he's an OUTSTANDING recruiter. Landing Miller was nothing short of a Division I coup. Even Larry Brown couldn't believe it. What this program needs is someone with Bill's recruiting acumen and Donahue's wily sense of game management. Any chance Bill would be demoted to first assistant behind someone like App?

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that the worst in-game coach in the Ivies was Tommy Amaker. I now know that I've been unfair to him.

Did anybody who saw Saturday night's game think that Harvard suddenly got its act together in the second half? No, Cornell completely collapsed. Worse, as the Cornell offense was coming to a complete halt, Bill Courtney did not try anything to stanch the bleeding. For God's sake, how can you watch a 21-point lead melt to nothing without changing up something, anything at all?

Bill Courtney is unquestionably the worse in-game coach in our conference.

Runningpie said...

I guess I may be wrong, or misinformed, but I honestly don't think Bill is really that great of a recruiter. Harvard has a top 10 class coming in this year. That is unheard of in the history of the Ivy League. Bill has two kids coming in and a squad full of 6'3" guys. He got Shonn while still being able to trade off the glow of the Sweet 16 year. He's not repeated that coup since. That time is further and further in the rear view mirror.